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The cable with plug-integrated electronic has been developed as an inexpensive alternative for the original siemens-cable (which is not available anymore). It can be used to maintain and check the online-costs for TK-systems of the Siemens Hicom 100E series. This includes the Hicom 108, 112 and 118 series as well.

The systems Telekom Octopus E10, E20 and E30 are identically constructed too. Some customer reports indicate, the the cable can be used for the Siemens OfficeOne and OfficeStart-systems. But a warranty can not be given for this units.

The Hicom 116 by Siemens is not configurable by a personal computer, but our cable could be used to back-up the customer-specific settings of the system to a hard drive of a PC and check the online-costs.

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Hicom Kabel 9-polig
Hicom Kabel 25-polig



To use the cable with the "Assistant L"-software you have to connect the cable with the serial interface of the PC at one end and with the 6-pin Mini-DIN-socket of the Hicom device. Please be aware that the software seems not to run properly at MS-windows 2000 or XP stations. If you want to use a gender-changer be aware that a full connected type is used.

Programmierkabel  mit im Stecker integrierter Elektronik   
cable with plug-integrated electronic

Anschluss an der Hicom   
interface of the Hicom

9-poliger Stecker   
for serial interface

Anschluss am PC   
interface of the PC

Please select the same baud rate at both interfaces, a rate of 2400 or 9600 can be used. Be aware that some restrictions could apply here if you extend the lenght of the cable. If you plan to use the cable for registration of costs with a printer, a applicable adapter between sub-D-plug and serial interface has to be used. These system has to be configured accordingly for that as well.

Please be aware that a firmware update, as done with original siemens cables, is not recommended here. The update could lead to a possible damage of the cable. Differing to the original cable there is no separation of potentials integrated, since this is normaly not necessary. Other manufactors and newer Siemens-PBX doesn't have separation of potentials.

V24 Einstellungen an der Hicom  
V.24 configuration of Hicom

bevorzugte Baudrate wählen  
choose baud rate

Assistant L starten   
start Assistant L


gleiche Baudrate wie in Hicom wählen
same baud rate

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